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Proyect: Salar de los canos

In this section we describe the activities carried out by the students of the intermediate level training cycle of Laboratory Operations regarding the physicochemical and microbiological study of the waters of the “Salar de los Canos” area located in the town of Vera. With this activity, the students of the cycle were able to carry out surface water sampling and analysis techniques and process the data from the different techniques used for this purpose. In addition, all its development involved an extraordinary collaborative and teamwork exercise between us and with local entities such as the Salvemos el Salar de los Canos association and the territory. Thus, the students had to carry out the complete study, from the statement of the problem and the study of the environment, going through the planning and execution of the sampling and the analysis in situ and in the laboratory of the samples obtained. The results obtained after the sharing of a sampling plan, the collection of samples and the laboratory analyzes carried out in the IES Jaroso facilities, show the good quality of the water.

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